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We founded Afinix with one goal in mind: providing a high-quality, smart, and reliable product as well as creating an affordable alternative to tobacco. Our passion for excellence has driven us from the beginning, and continues to drive us into the future.

We know that every product counts, and strive to make each shopping experience as exceptional as possible, for every one of our clients. Try it out for yourself!

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Nix Device and Pods

The device it great - sleek and has hood battery life. The pods taste sweet but they are similar to a disposable so if you enjoy a coil vape kit more it won’t be for you.

1010 cmon

Bless liquid

Banana Ice 30ml
John smith
It’s like a milkshake

Banana ice is like vaping a banana milkshake but without the milkshake part it’s good if u want want a good thing to suck and feel slide down your throat go for banana ice

Blueberry Blast 30ml
Juliette Everitt

flavour isnt as strong as other flavours


Very sweet, can’t taste the strawberry

Great service

Ordered and delivered next day very pleased with purchase definitely improved as I’ve had issues with delivery before

Strawberry Guava 30ml
Alastair Gray
Strawberry Guava

Pretty solid flavour, perhaps a little bit sweet but solid nonetheless.

Blueberry Ice 30ml
Fernando Terán Alonso

Muy buen sabor

Banana Ice 30ml
Ben Norman

Banana Ice 30ml

Ice Watermelon 30ml
Harry Wilkins


Good for the price


Best shop in the world… ordered liquid at 4pm paid 2.99 for shipping and I was puffing on 50mg 10 hours later… couldn’t believe it top service, best customer experience ✅✅✅

v good

literally best flavour

Peach Ice 30ml
Peter Omari

Epic flavour 🦦

This product deserves an award

I never make reviews but this product worth the time to do one. It works perfect, great material. Congratulations to the people who work in this great company!


Very good

Peach Ice 30ml
Roseanna Spears
i’m dying without juice

yano i’d love to give it a review but it’s NOT COME YET so that might be a problem

Iced Orange 30ml
Scott Rogers

Iced Orange 30ml

Blueberry Blast 30ml
Brandon Hyslop

Doesn’t have much of a taste to it

Best vape juice !!?

Tried tons of juices over the years , then a lad I work with was vaping juice by these guys and girls , in all honesty it is miles in front of anything else, I have tried strawberry ice , apple ice , watermelon ice and all have amazing flavor and the ice hit is unreal.


Very good and smooth product

Smooth, warm, and satisfying draw

Smooth, warm, and satisfying draw 😍

Good battery life!

Good battery life! Nice and portable size and weight.😎👌

Very beginner..

Very beginner friendly and easy to use!!❤️❤️❤️