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Based on 953 reviews
Big Slay💓

I don’t need to tell you how good this is you already know, super fresh super clean super slay xxxx


Isn’t too sweet like other flavours so don’t get sick of it. Would defo recommend!!

not bad

ive had this vape for about 6 months and the only thing to complain about is the airflow is very different. i would recommend thicker juices for this


Soothing yet sharp, absolutely phenomenal flavour and helped me get over my girlfriend sleeping with a 9 foot tall basketball player, as soon as the flavour hit the creaminess was straight in my mouth and not for the first time that night.

Iced Orange 3x10ml
Lexus Bovey

Iced Orange 3x10ml

Banana Ice 10ml
Leo Jeffery

Very good

amazing taste

taste like the cherry haribos and came super quick x

best flavour yet

flavour is insane definitely the best afinix flavour iv tried 10/10


Emailed them saying they should make this flavour and a month later they did
Best afinix I’ve had and I’ve tried them all

The size of the Bottles

I love the liq however, the small bottles are very annoying as they are harder to refil my vape and I keep losing them.


I requested this and afinix made it and it is the best flava yet , after the first few hits i was in love. this flavour hit my head with the power of a 12 guage shotgun and then i came everywhere all over the room because of how phenonmenal this flava was 😳

Green Apple 3x10ml
Henry Brookfield

Only juice I vape bc its near impossible to get sick of it lol

Ice Mint 3x10ml
Aneta Michalak

Ice Mint 3x10ml

Peach Ice 3x10ml
Daniel Binks
It’s a 🍑👌

Nice juice this

Blueberry Ice 10ml
Daniel Avances
5 stars

Really good

Ice Mango 3x10ml
tarik rahman
luvly jublee

decent flavour !! gyal love it

French Grape 3x10ml
Never Discontinue This Flavour Afinix!

Have been using the Grape for years, both at 20mg and 50mg. I love the flavour as it's not too sweet and has consistently worked well with pods at different resistance levels and different kinds of coil. I just hope that Afinix does not discontinue the flavour as they seem to be replacing standard juices with "ice" versions all the time. Also, please do not change the 30ml bottles down to 10ml.

Blueberry Ice 10ml
Nathan Broadley
It was alright

Unlike other blueberry flavours this one tastes like actual blueberries, it got boring pretty fast though but it is a solid like 6/10

Lychee Ice 3x10ml
Callum Aiken



A smooth and enjoyable experience

Lacks flavour

Tastes ok at first then the flavour just disappears and tastes of nothing. Been happening with a lot of them recently. They all used to taste amazing not sure what’s happened…..

A good discreet vape, with great tasting pods.

Ice Apple 3x10ml
Ollie Richardson

can’t fault the flavour but what is with the new bottles? surely better to have 1 30ml rather than 3 10ml? Not very convenient having three small ones and also can’t be good for the environment.

Blueberry Blast 3x10ml
Archie Birkbeck


Ice Mango 3x10ml
samuel hugo
Ice Mango

Fresh taste, very fruity, good liquid